Thursday, April 21

Weekly Monster Menagerie

Here's a fun experiment where I challenged myself to create a new monster every week for 10 weeks. This was an project to further develop my sharp, geometric vector art and minimal design composition skills. Also things like this keep my brain moving creatively, especially when I stretch the limits of my imagination. Here's a few highlights from this series:

Sunday, December 16

Gattaca Movie Posters

Not only am I a huge Scifi nerd, but the film "Gattaca" is one of my favorite films ever! The cinematography is gorgeous and the story is so inspirational. Here's a self initiated project I came up with to create a new film poster that represents the "feel" of this wonderful film. 

Wednesday, August 1

Allentown Poster

Here's a poster I designed for this years Allentown Art Festival.

Henry Bear

Here's a cute little print I did for my nephew Henry. Finished it awhile ago but now I need to find a place that does high quality professional prints in a quantity of 5 or less. 

The Shins Poster!

Tour Poster I designed for The Shins! Awesome band and great album: Port of Morrow...get it!

Thursday, February 23

Friendly Fires Poster!

Here's the finished Friendly Fires gig poster! The Theme: You can still be friendly even with your head on fire. The friendly fires are a great band with a fun sound so I thought I would do something dark and comedic. Well, time to send this to one of the band members!

Saturday, January 28

Sports Logo Design

Here's a logo I just did for a local media company that centers on sports and music. They wanted the logo to look like a sports team logo, since they mostly cater to sports fans on the radio and web.

Sea Prints: Coming Soon!

Here's a personal project I've been working on inspired by my love of the Sea and all things in it. I am going to be making prints of all of these in limited numbers of 100 each. When I get to 12 different sea creatures I am going to try to combine them into a poster book in which you can pull out the pages and frame them up! Here's the first 3....

Thresher Sharks

 Humpback Whale

Mahi Mahi