Sunday, December 16

Gattaca Movie Posters

Not only am I a huge Scifi nerd, but the film "Gattaca" is one of my favorite films ever! The cinematography is gorgeous and the story is so inspirational. Here's a self initiated project I came up with to create a new film poster that represents the "feel" of this wonderful film. 

Wednesday, August 1

Allentown Poster

Here's a poster I designed for this years Allentown Art Festival.

Henry Bear

Here's a cute little print I did for my nephew Henry. Finished it awhile ago but now I need to find a place that does high quality professional prints in a quantity of 5 or less. 

The Shins Poster!

Tour Poster I designed for The Shins! Awesome band and great album: Port of Morrow...get it!

Thursday, February 23

Friendly Fires Poster!

Here's the finished Friendly Fires gig poster! The Theme: You can still be friendly even with your head on fire. The friendly fires are a great band with a fun sound so I thought I would do something dark and comedic. Well, time to send this to one of the band members!

Saturday, January 28

Sports Logo Design

Here's a logo I just did for a local media company that centers on sports and music. They wanted the logo to look like a sports team logo, since they mostly cater to sports fans on the radio and web.

Sea Prints: Coming Soon!

Here's a personal project I've been working on inspired by my love of the Sea and all things in it. I am going to be making prints of all of these in limited numbers of 100 each. When I get to 12 different sea creatures I am going to try to combine them into a poster book in which you can pull out the pages and frame them up! Here's the first 3....

Thresher Sharks

 Humpback Whale

Mahi Mahi