Wednesday, December 14

The Art of Pixar's Newt - Chronicle Books Please Make This!!!

This book doesn't actually exist but I really want it too. I collect all the "Art of" Pixar books from Chronicle Books and I'd love to add this to my Collection so I designed a cover in the hopes it would generate some buzz. I love concept art, it is so inspiring and these Pixar artists take it to a new level...gorgeous stuff!

Now, this film Newt was cancelled unfortunately because apparently it had a plot too similar to the film "Rio". But judging by the concept art this movie would have been light years better. To make things worse all this artwork is just sitting unorganized on the internet in various low resolutions...such a shame. It needs an official release, plus I'm sure there's lots more where this stuff came from.

So come on Chronicle Books and Pixar. Make this thing already, you know any Pixar fan would love to have a published record of this film which really should have been made. I was looking forward to this more than any other Pixar film announced at the time. No Doubt this would have been better than "Brave" or "Cars 2".

Pixar...resurrect this film and shelve Toy Story 4. It's too much, that story ended perfectly with part 3. More original ideas and less sequels please.

The End.

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